New Zealand themed dinner June 11th

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Join us June 11th for a New Zealand themed dinner hosted by a genuine New Zealander! We are trying to make the day as authentically New Zealand as possible so come be a part of this fun party!  We will … Continue reading

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Kentucky Derby Party – photos

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The next big party is the Kentucky Derby Party! May 7th at 2pm


RSVPs extremely important -please, please RSVP as soon as possible.


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Richmond Ukulele Meet-up


It’s really happening – Ukuleles at the San Pablo Sportsmens Club !!  They meet twice a month the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 11 am and they have a name & their own website.  The Richmond Ukulele Meet-up aka the RUM club!



Fun with a ukulele!








The website for the RUM club –

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Richmond Ukulele Meetup at the Sportsmen’s Club


 on Sunday, April 10th at 11 am and again on the 24th
“Richmond Ukulele Meet-up.”
(The RUM meetup at the Sportsmens Club)
(suggested donation $5)

Now with our website for the Ukulele meetups here

 Sunday, April 10th at 11 am and again on the 24th, same time.  Bring your ukes, a copy of “The Daily Ukulele” if you have it, any kind of desk stand (like a cookbook holder or a desktop music stand), and your sense of humor.  We’ll be off and running at 11 am.  Who knows?  If the weather is fine, we can go out on the porch and play for the seagulls!


At our last meeting, we decided on a name for our group – R.U.M. , which stands for “Richmond Ukulele Meet-up.” The possibilities for playing around with this are endless….

Invite your friends to be a Rummer, a Rummie or a Rum-ite… or part of the Rum Lot.

Definition of rum:


an alcoholic liquor or spirit distilled from molasses or some otherfermented sugar-cane product.


alcoholic drink in general; intoxicating liquor:

He warned against the demon rum.
adjective, Chiefly British.


odd, strange, or queer:

a rum fellow. a rum lot


problematic; difficult.
Interesting note;


“excellent, fine, good, valuable,” 1560s, from rome “fine” (1560s), said tobe from Romany rom “male, husband”  (see Romany ). E.g. rum kicks”Breeches of gold or silver brocade, or richly laced with gold or silver”[Grose, “Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” 1788].
A very common 16c. cant word, by 1774 it also had come to mean “odd,strange, bad, spurious,” perhaps because it had been so often used approvingly by rogues in reference to one another. This was the main sense after 1800.
Pass the word!
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Spring is here let’s see you at the club for dinner this Saturday 9th of April


Beer & Burgers –
salad maybe some potluck
and just a fun way to spend some time together
and enjoy great sunsets and company.  

With daylight saving here we will start later so dinner won’t be until about 6pm.  Club will open around 4 or 5pm and if there is interest we have a lasagna we can cook up and some pizzas we can put in the oven.  Do try and make it out even if burgers aren’t your thing.  Help us find a menu you like and is affordable… we need you to keep the club’s momentum up!!  We are considering going to a once a month Saturday Supper – though if preferable we could always make it a Friday or Sunday event.  Feel free to leave a comment as to what you would prefer!


See you this Saturday at the Club – –
doors definitely open by 5pm!
Any member can come help out
just by opening the club up
and serving some drinks early on!!





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Two fun get togethers this weekend at the Club -Saturday Supper & Sunday Ukulele


Don’t let the rain the cold and the wet weatherSaturday-Suppers_web get you down or keep you in!! Come out to the San Pablo Bay Sportsmen’s Club as our bi-monthly Saturday Suppers continue.This Saturday the 12th of February we’ll be serving up Lasagna (vegetarian & meat), Salad and Pizza.  A warm fire in the fireplace, probably some ukulele players jamming and just an all around good time inside in front of a cozy fire!!  Celebrate the last day of Standard time as we head into Daylight Savings & don’t forget to move your clocks forward 1 hour before you go to bed Saturday night!!

photoOn Sunday Amy will be leading our bi-monthly Ukulele learning party for beginners and advanced players alike.  See the previous post for all the details and see you at the club this weekend!!

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Uke Learning party good times


Is your ukulele sitting around feeling forlorn and forgotten? Unloved and unused? Feared and jinxed? Would you like it to meet other ukuleles? Then come to the Pt. San Pablo Yacht Harbor this Sunday at 11 am to join other ukulele players and wanna-bes for fun and frolicsome music!*

We are starting a ukulele club that meets twice a month. (You do not need to be a member of the Sportsmen’s Club to participate) The first meet-up (the 2nd Sunday of each month) is primarily a practice/jam session. The second meet-up (usually on the 4th Sunday of the month BUT NOT THIS ONE>>> see below) is a learning circle. Facilitated by Amy Ukena who is learning ukule  just like you!
We will meet the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, BUT THIS MONTH, due to Easter, we will be meeting on the 2nd and 3RD Sunday of March, so mark your calendars for March 13th and 20th at 11 am – 1 pm or so. $5 donation suggested (for covering printing and food costs).*

We’ve got real beginners and truly talented/gifted players. Come join us in a relaxed and entertaining environment, and be prepared to be amazed at what you can learn!
Come aboard, me hearties!
Amy (a.k.a., Skallywag Sally)
*Bring whatever ukulele books you may have, but if you want to purchase one, we HIGHLY recommend “The Daily Ukulele”.

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Bi-Monthy Saturday Suppers Continue

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Mark your calendars!  The next dinner is the 27th of February. Then the 12th & 26th of March. We are making an effort to have regular gatherings at the club so members and visitors alike can gather at a time … Continue reading

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Ukulele Learning Party Last Sunday of the Month


If you have ever wanted to learn ukulele and want to give it a try come on out to our monthly Ukulele learning parties.  Last Sunday of the month starting around 11am we’ll get together with those interested and have some fun.  If you have a ukulele to share with others please bring it along otherwise we do have a couple of ukuleles for use.  Need help with tuning or just want to learn a new or a first song?  This is a good place.  February 28th will be our second ukulele learning party.  If you have ideas or suggestions for the gathering please don’t hesitate to share them.  We are going to try and have donuts or muffins & coffee available.  There will be a donation jar out as well so please donate what you can.  Suggested donation is $5 but this is flexible.  Join us February 28th for our second Uke Learning party


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