Kiwi Feed 2017

We had a good turn out for our annual ‘Kiwi Feed’.  Ed & Ananda slaved away in the kitchen making a wide variety of ‘savory meat pies’ which were greatly enjoyed.  Strange Angels performed after dinner.  

Kentucky (Fried) Derby – Saturday May 6th!

Saturday May 6th!! Kentucky (fried) Derby! A fun twist on a Kentucky derby party! There will be a smorgasbord of food and fun!   Come watch the race, drink mint juleps (or your drink of choice), and enjoy a fun dinner.  We are planning on having enough food to feed about 50-60 people.   Please email if you will plan on attending (don’t forget to say how many of you there will be!) Strange Angels will be performing after dinner!  

Thanksgiving Dinner 2016 – 4:30pm (24th of Nov)

Thanksgiving Day 2016 Thurs 24th Nov 16:30 (4:30pm) Potluck style meal with meat (ham & turkey) provided by club.  We already have people making pies, potatoes au gratin, lamb sausage stuffing & cranberry relish & Wild Rice/Brussel Sprout. There is no charge for this dinner – any contributions will help offset the cost of the Turkey & Ham.    Hope to see you Thanksgiving Day!