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Our Club is a non-profit club with a small membership which is growing.  If you are interested in being a member please attend some of our events and fill out an application.  (Your  completed application needs the signatures of two members in good standing)


Richmond Ukulele Meet-up every Sunday from 11am-1pm.  Bring your Ukulele or borrow one of ours.

International Meatball Day

RSVP & Join us Saturday March 10th  – (space is limited so RSVP early).  Suggested donation $20 if you RSVP by the 3rd of March.  Otherwise if space available, $25 @ the door.

RSVP here please

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October 10th Dinner fun

2015-10-10 16.54.39New members Chris and Brian put on a great feast this last Saturday night.  Poutine and Baked Apple Pastry.  They slaved away in the kitchen for most of the afternoon and created a feast enjoyed by all.  Ali tended bar and all three of them went to town in really scrubbing the kitchen and bar down and just providing a fun get together for all.  After dinner was our club meeting -members please login to read the minutes from the meeting.

The next dinner will be hosted by Jack Berglund and Bob Keller and the menu includes chicken and ribs and a variety of sides.  That dinner will be on the 24th of October.

Don’t forget Halloween dinner on the 31st.  There will be Karaoke and a Costume party as well.  tell your friends and find your costume!!  See you at the club.

Published: October 11, 2015

10 Oct 2015 Membership meeting



Minutes from Club Members Meeting of 10Oct2015

Meeting called to order @ 1945

1. Motion made & approved to forgo reading of minutes from previous meeting.  Please see website for previous minutes or check the blue 3-ring binder behind the bar for all minutes.

2. Treasurer Report – Nothing new to report since last meeting (2 weeks ago -see prior post or blue binder behind the bar) Jaan reports phone cost down to about $25/month –agreed worth keeping at that price.  Susannah reports average 20% loss from bar -overpour on drinks or drinks/food not paid for…

3. How to pay for wifi Susannah will cater fundraiser for internet equip on Sat 12th Dec – ‘Surf & Turf’ served on surfboards!  Internet equipment was around $300.

A donation jar will be set up to try and recover monthly internet costs of $80/mth so those using it can contribute.  Need to pass the word on contributing to wifi.  Please pass the word to pitch in!!

4.  Firewood – Vic has handled purchase of firewood (cost $245 for ½ cord) also Brian, Robert, Ali, Linda handled picking up and stacking some free firewood from Pt. Richmond

5. Discussion on Cleaning service for club – agreed would be good to have a thorough cleanup once a month but we probably don’t have budget for it yet.  Ali & Robert will investigate costs –something to be considered for future fundraiser idea.

6. Insurance.  Nick Pollutro has given a quote for insurance for club –basically about $1800/year = ($160/month).  This is something that we have to address in the near future but again question of how to pay for this.  Discussion returned to a past topic of raising drink prices.

7. Drink prices. As unpopular as the subject is the only way to be able to afford some of the changes especially the most needed one of insurance is to consider evaluating our prices.  The following motions and votes were made on drink prices. After a variety of ideas for new drink prices the motion put forward for the new pricing structure is as follows:

Motion 1: All NON-members pay $1 more for drinks.  (This passed by overwhelming majority)

Effective 24th of October 2015 all drink prices for non-members will be $1 more.  The suggestion was made that the signage for drink prices show the new prices but at the bottom state that members pay $1 less.  This was agreed upon as a good idea and good incentive to be a member.

Motion2: At all ‘special’  events (not bi-monthly but the planned events like Halloween/Crabfeed etc) drinks will be $1 more for everyone –members and visitors.

8. Halloween Party Planning.  Tom needs counter space – kitchen lacking that with added appliances.  The 2nd microwave will be removed.  Ali & Sarah will handle Halloween decoration arrangements and coordinate with those interested in participating.  Bonny will handle pre-event clean up.  Robert will make sure there is propane.  Vic, Linda Bonny and anyone else available will handle.

9.  Topic of Burger & Beers name change ideas – a desire to reflect the variety of menus with different people cooking.  Several ideas presented- “Harbor Feast”, “Surprise Saturday Supper” & “Lost Harbor Feast” – it was agreed to finalise votes on this or other idea at next meeting –your input  & ideas appreciated.

10. New member voted in: Diana Gaffney voted as probationary member to be considered for full membership April 2016.

 The meeting was adjourned at 20:55


Members Present noted in bold
Pat Armitage (&Sharon)
Ron Beard
Jack Berglund
Tom Chow & Bernice Yee
Kathleen Clancy/Bob & Josh Keller
Casey Cook
Gil de la Rosa
Bonny Dunn
Robert,Ali, Edney Linda Saephan
Don Franklin
Diana Gaffney
Susannah Gaterud & Jaan Hjorth
Victor George
Dave Hjelt
Chris Hutchens
Paul Jamison
Robert Jamison
Vicki Jensen
Eric & Roz Johnson
Jedd Josephsen
Brian Liston
Frank Miller
Georgette P
Sara & Nick Pollutro
Adrian & Cindy Rongen
Alena Rudolph & Anton Souza
Ernie Sullivan Dues
Tom Sullivan
Kati Torok
Amy Ukena

Published: October 11, 2015