Nov 1st 2014 -First Quirky Post Halloween Dinner

 Sat – Nov 1st First Quirky Post-Halloween Dinner The Sportsman’s Club at Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor, is holding its1st Quirky Post Halloween Dinner 11/01/2013, at 7 p.m. need directions — click here Invite your friends & their kids but let us know how many you have coming!! Menu Spaghetti in a Meaty Meat Sauce* (*or – a vegetarian option available for those who designate so – for timely RSVPs only.) Deluxe Tossed Spring Salad Garlicky-Garlic Bread & Dessert All are welcome but please let us know …

Another great Halloween Party

Post “Pre-Halloween” Club Report
by Bernice Yee, Treasurer (a/k/a Club (Girl) Friday)
October 30, 2013

A huge thank you to all who dared to join in on the fun, and make the drive “over the hill.” Although several individuals came dressed for the occasion, including a King, Thai Princess, female beat cop drinking on duty, wild gorilla with a mangled rubber infant, and a retro bag lady, among others, the costume contest never got off the ground. It did not appear that anyone seemed to mind. There was plenty of chatter, food, drinks to go around, with music managed by ????.

Rhianna Josh & Coltoncop and 3-eyed Bobcostumed guests

Several club members and volunteers pulled through to help prepare the clubhouse for the evening, starting with extensive clean up efforts by Jedd Josephson, Frank Miller (our harbor’s Captain, Fury Sportfishing), and Bonny Dunn. Due to Bernice Yee’s busy schedule, Bonny was instrumental in coordinating and gathering volunteers to clean and prepare the club for the big night, neither being an easy task. Between Bonny, Georgette, a close friend of one of our members, the club was well decorated with huge spider webs extending down from the high ceiling, small ghosts attached to a ceiling fan, which slowly rotated over the center of the room throughout the evening, among others.Ghosts Flying in the night Halloween at the club just would just not be the same without a skull or two laying or hanging around, so take a look at the photos to see what you can find hanging over the galley’s (kitchen) open counter. kitchen decorationBernice managed to set up and decorate the tables with an assortment of twisted decorative ribbons, creepy plastic creatures, flat black & white button eyes, and of course lots of miniature candy. The “different” pumpkin that Bernice carved this year, was unique in that an arrow facing the front door with a traditional face beamed against the wall as guests entered, while that same arrow carving faced the departing guest, pointing them into the direction of the parking lot. No known pumpkin photos were available at time of publishing.

Our club’s own galley master, Thomas Chow, was joined by visiting students from City College of S.F.’s Culinary Arts Hospitality Studies program, David Lu (left) and Raymond Chow (Tom’s son, right). A big applause to David and Raymond for devoting a good part of their day to help make the evening such a “FULL-feeling” experience! They work well as a team, and were a great help! The cooking crewA special thanks goes out to our guest and volunteer galley clean up man, Bob Gibson. He just about washed every pot, pan, dish, and utensil that was used during the evening. Bob getting ready for dinner 2051_web

Last but not least, at the other end of the room, Frank & Robert Edney are to be thanked for manning and standing behind the bar for the entire evening! Frank’s long time buddy and so called son, Captain Don Franklin “The Soleman” also helped contribute to the success of the busy bar that it was! Frank tending barRobert Edney tending bar

There are likely others who contributed to the evening’s success, that may have been overlooked, so a separate and unique THANK YOU for your particular efforts!

Till we meet again – remember NOT to drink and drive!

Halloween just around the corner

Halloween is almost here, which means the Sportsmen’s Club’s annual Halloween dinner is quickly approaching!   Be sure to mark your calendar and plan on attending – Saturday, October 26th, 2013.  Doors will open at 6 p.m. for drinks and relaxation.  Dinner will be served at 7 p.m. Last year’s costume contest was quite a success, so dare yourself and wear a costume in.  Bring a friend along to add to the fun, and enter this year’s costume contest, or if …